Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Damage in Dallas, TX Office

A commercial building in Dallas, TX had mold damage in an office and bathroom area after the building had been vacated for many months.  The mold growth wa... READ MORE

Flooded Doctors Office in Carrollton, TX

A Carrollton doctor's office had a water heater bust over the weekend and flooded over 2,000 square feet of their building.  SERVPRO of Metrocrest was on-s... READ MORE

Grill Fire Damages Multiple Apartment Units in Coppell, TX

A fire that began from a grill on a balcony in Coppell, a Dallas TX suburb, caused multiple apartment units to be badly damaged from fire and smoke.  SERVP... READ MORE

Flooded Theatre from Heavy Rains in Coppell, TX

This community theatre flooded in Coppell, TX, a suburb of Dallas, due to heavy rains from a local storm.  SERVPRO of Metrocrest was on-site within 30 minu... READ MORE

Storm Damage to Roof in Dallas, TX

This family’s McKinney, TX home suffered serious water damage after a recent hail storm. SERVPRO of Metrocrest was able to help them and many ot... READ MORE

Mold Cleanup from Shower Leak in Dallas, TX

This master bedroom in Dallas, TX was impacted by mold growth due to a slow shower leak from the shared wall.  The mold had affected the drywall, insulatio... READ MORE

Toilet Leak Water Damage in Dallas, TX

The toilet had leaked in this Dallas, TX home on the second floor and soaked through the garage, and multiple rooms on the first floor of the home. Many of the... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Coppell, TX

The kitchen stove top in this Coppell, TX home, just north of Dallas, caught on fire from a cast iron pan burning through the glass stovetop. The fire moved to... READ MORE

Storm Damage to Roof in Dallas, TX

Heavy thunderstorms caused roof damage, which soaked the garage, in this Dallas, TX home. All ceiling drywall, and insulation had to be removed in the garage to... READ MORE

Water Heater Bust in Dallas, TX

Water Heater line busted and caused damage to about 8 rooms in this Dallas, TX home. All laminate wood flooring had to be removed due to extensive cupping. In... READ MORE