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Water Damage in Farmers Branch, TX

This home in Farmers Branch, Texas had an entire room flooded by a faulty water line. We responded to the call within an hour and began the water extraction pro... READ MORE

Water Damaged Ceiling in Coppell, TX

A pipe burst in the attic resulting in ceiling, floor, and wall damage in this family’s pool house in Coppell, TX. To properly dry the area, our... READ MORE

Water Damage Plano, Texas

Our customer in Plano, Texas called us when he walked into his flooded home. While he was away, the water line on her refrigerator connected to the ice maker bu... READ MORE

Water Damage in Addison, TX

This residential home located in Addison, Texas, suffered some bad water damage when their downstairs toiled overflowed. The flooring was affected, the walls, t... READ MORE

Fire Damage In A North Dallas Home

While the leading cause of household fires involves cooking, the second leading cause involves heating systems, including fireplaces which was the cause of this... READ MORE

Water Damage In Dallas, TX Commercial Building

This Coppell, TX business was affected by rising flood water during the period of a hefty rain storm in the North Dallas area. The frantic owner of this buildin... READ MORE

Fire Damage In A North Dallas Bathroom

This bathroom in a North Dallas, TX home was covered with a soot substance when cosmetics, oils, and creams burned from an errant iron. Fortunately, it was exti... READ MORE

Mold Damage in a Coppell, TX bathroom

Mold Damage in this Coppell, Tx bathroom was the result of a small water leak behind the guest bathroom toilet. Damp and dark areas often breed mold damage... READ MORE

Mold Growth After a Shower Leak in Farmers Branch, TX

A leaking shower in the master bathroom of a Farmers Branch, TX home resulted in mold in the wall between the master bathroom and the master bedroom. The leakin... READ MORE

Water Damage in a North Dallas Commercial Building

We were called out to a commercial building in North Dallas that had an unexpected water damage from a second-floor water fountain that leaking overnight. The w... READ MORE