Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold Damage in a Coppell, TX bathroom

Mold Damage in this Coppell, Tx bathroom was the result of a small water leak behind the guest bathroom toilet. Damp and dark areas often breed mold damage... READ MORE

Mold Growth After a Shower Leak in Farmers Branch, TX

A leaking shower in the master bathroom of a Farmers Branch, TX home resulted in mold in the wall between the master bathroom and the master bedroom. The leakin... READ MORE

A water damage can turn into mold remediation

SERVPRO of Metrocrest was called out to a home for a water damage from a toilet supply line. The home had been vacant for many months. Thank goodness someone we... READ MORE

How to remove mold

There are two important things to remember about mold: prevent it by doing things right the first time and when you do face mold, take care of it immediately. W... READ MORE

Mold Damage in Dallas, TX Office

A commercial building in Dallas, TX had mold damage in an office and bathroom area after the building had been vacated for many months.  The mold growth wa... READ MORE

Mold Cleanup from Shower Leak in Dallas, TX

This master bedroom in Dallas, TX was impacted by mold growth due to a slow shower leak from the shared wall.  The mold had affected the drywall, insulatio... READ MORE